Make Money With Your Photography?

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We’ve seen it all before. Real estate seminars. Investment seminars. And now photography seminars.

In my email folder yesterday was a newsletter. Among the items was one that caught my eye. “Make Money With Your Photography” it said. Really? Really?

I’ve always wondered why the real estate geniuses who KNEW how to make money investing in real estate made it a full time occupation to TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE IT IN REAL ESTATE. Does something seem wrong about that or is it just me?

Here’s the truth. Most of these seminars are more about making money for the person selling the seminar than actually about you making money.

The “professional” photographers that I have known over the years never gave seminars. They didn’t have time. Their time was too valuable to them to take them away from their work. That should tell you something.

Buyer beware. Stay away from these “helpful” people. You won’t learn anything that you can’t find on the internet in ten minutes.

Caveat emptor and happy shooting,


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~ by Dan Jurak on July 12, 2013.

4 Responses to “Make Money With Your Photography?”

  1. So happy that you wrote this.

    I am dismayed by the continual stream of photographers who are more interested in selling the dream of being a photographer rather than the reality of doing it for a living
    . I see people who fall for the “sell” then 6 months later comment how they must be doing it wrong because they are not making the money the “rockstar” photographer said they would.

    Once upon a time we would laugh at someone who had only been shooting for a year or two suddenly announce that they were now running workshops to graciously “give” all their knowledge (for a fee) to a new generation of aspiring photographers.
    What happened to putting in the hard yards for a decade or two before calling yourself a guru?

    The only photographers I follow are the ones who don’t have anything to sell me.

    Thanks for your wise words and for sharing what you know so generously and thanks for the amazing images from your corner of the world, they are so different to my world in Australia.

  2. @ Jules, I get many emails from people who feel exactly the same way you do. For every one that thought that their money was well spent, nine thought it to be a waste.

    Sadly, photography has become more about ego and greed than taking pictures. There are good workshops out there. The hard part is finding them among the very bad.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting,


  3. yes, the internet can be a wonderful resource for learning, and you can learn at your own pace and without expense and travel time, leaving you more time to simply get out and shoot (one of the best ways to learn)

  4. @ Bernie, you took the words right out of my mouth. The only people that usually disagree with me are the ones who are making money selling their services. Nothing wrong with that but because I value my dollar I ask, why pay for air when it’s free?

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