Round and round she goes…

This is either a giant mushroom or a gigantic prairie merry go round. Whatever it is or was it and it’s progeny provided lots of material for my landscape shooting yesterday.

I wonder about the frequency of these things because when I checked the weather radar it wasn’t showing as anything significant and there were equally impressive clouds south of Edmonton. This was taken just a few kilometers north.

With the days shortening the next week of hot and humid weather might be the last of the truly exceptional clouds. I hope not but if that’s the case the prairie harvest is a short time away and this will be the first time in many years that I will be off to photograph as much of it as I please.

With each season come there are new challenges and rewards. The wildflower blossom around here is pretty much done. The grasses will be going brown in a few weeks and autumn will be in full swing. Oh yeah, the mosquitoes will be gone too. LOL

Happy shooting,

ps. I wrote this Sunday night just before I went to sleep. It’s 7:13 a.m. and I just got back from a morning shoot. Wow! Mother nature is grand indeed. More on that tomorrow.

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~ by Dan Jurak on August 6, 2012.

3 Responses to “Round and round she goes…”

  1. Oh my God! Dan, that’s scary! What a stunning shot, great job!

  2. That storm looks massive. Awesome.

  3. Great shot! Beautiful storm structure.

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