This remote wilderness lake is… yes, the local gravel pit

Not much to write about that I haven’t probably dwelled on one too many times.

This photo above was taken at a gravel pit not too far out of Edmonton. It’s hardly exotic or in a wilderness location. A major highway is only minutes from it and there’s a barbed wire fence and gravel road not thirty paces behind me.

A big part of photography is sleight of hand, that is, making things appear differently than they do in real life. There are those who want to document things as closely to reality as they possibly can. Take the landscape art photographers, you know, the ones that hang in the art galleries. I’ve never seen landscapes in an art gallery that I’ve liked. They all looked like they were the most horribly composed, poorly lit and worst locations possible. Could it be that is art? I dunno. I do know that I don’t think that highly of those photographers photo skills but I do hold their ability to sell others on their “art” in high regard. LOL

A couple days of too dark and wet skies has kept me in town. Even the thunder storms have been too tame to coax me outdoor with the camera. Our forecast for the next few days is a complete reversal of what we’ve just experience. Hopefully with all the moisture on the ground and a few days in the high twenties and low thirties Celsius we might even get a supercell or two drifting across the prairies.

I’ve read elsewhere that the wildflowers are now in full bloom in parts of the Canadian rockies. It’s tempting to head out for a few days just to get into the mountains for a bit of fresh air.

Happy shooting,


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~ by Dan Jurak on July 5, 2012.

9 Responses to “This remote wilderness lake is… yes, the local gravel pit”

  1. Nice one Dan. I spent many years working for engineering companies on landfill construction projects and have seen my share of sunrises and sunsets on sites (usually in the same day). I have plenty of landscape (landfillscape?) photos where people are amazed that they were taken on a landfill!

  2. You have me thinking positive now. I don’t have to travel great distances to be able to get the photos I like. Will start as soon as heat lets up. Heat index of 105F. Just haze outside no clouds or nice sunsets. We have been out of electricity for four days. Not much fun here.

  3. I’m off to Waterton NP in the morning for a few days, to shoot some wildflowers. i’m looking forward to it!

  4. @ Bruce, no need to travel far for landscapes. The beauty of shooting close to home is that you’ll end up shooting more which pays dividends down the road. The more you do it, the better a feel that you’ll have for all the variables. BTW, it sucks to be without power. I hope it gets back to normal for you soon.


  5. @ Steve, good luck in Waterton. Watch out for the grizzlies and there’s a cougar warning for one of the lakes so beware. That’s the one thing that I DON’T like about the mountains, bears. Around Edmonton it’s just farm dogs and bad drivers. LOL
    Have a safe trip,

  6. It’s fascinating how you can transform a peace of land with no interest into something amazing.

    I like the idea of “making things appear differently than they do in real life.” As an artist we have the ability to see beyond what the reality have to offer. That’s what I called creativity. I love it!

    Thanks for sharing, very inspiring, Dan!

  7. I’m lucky in that the city of Fort Collins manages over 32,000 acres of locally and regionally natural areas. So within 5-10 mintues I can find serene, peaceful areas to experience and explore. Noise pollution is the biggest annoyance. I like to visit these areas both in the morning and evening which is usually when it’s the quietest. More people neede to experience these areas and get back in touch with the natural world. Wonderful image!

  8. @ Monte, you’re lucky to have that natural area so close. I’ll bet there are some special moments during the tail ends of the days.

  9. Unbelieavable! A gravel pit!

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