Spider webs and clover in the morning dew… magical

When I am shooting outside, my range of vision is usually from one meter to the horizon. It’s seldom that I look any closer. I love landscapes that have a broad view. It’s just a personal preference.

There have been a few mornings where the macro world caught my eye. Because I usually only travel with a wide angle zoom, (I like to shoot quickly with a minimum of gear), when the opportunity has presented itself, all that I have been able to do is admire the beauty that is mother nature when it’s only a whisper from your face.

I was walking through the tall grass in the photo above with my eyes firmly fixed on the horizon. As I walked around, I was looking for something, anything that would lend itself as a foreground. I had taken about a half a dozen different shot, moving up and down, left and right, when I came upon a sprinkling of cover. The purple and white caught my eye. Once the camera and tripod were at ground level, I noticed the spider webs. When on my knees, they glistened and sparkled with morning dew. The shapes were incredible. I could easily see a half a dozen possibilities, that is, if I had my macro lens.

After exposing the scene, I sat in the tall grass. It was all I could do. I stayed there for a minute or two taking it all in. The beauty of it all. The serenity. The peacefulness of the prairie. This was one of those very special moments where the only thing that exists is the magic that mother lays out in front of you.

A couple of days later, I find myself writing about this and the long weekend here in Canada, Canada Day is about to begin. People will be heading out to the mountains and lakes in droves. Campsites will be noisy after midnight with the sounds of people drinking too much liquor and forgetting that there are families and children in the camp site next to them trying to fall asleep. For some, that is getting out and communing with mother nature. For me? I think that I shall take the road lesser traveled.

Happy shooting and enjoy the long weekend safely,


ps. This is the first landscape that I have printed with the new camera. At 19×22, the drops of morning dew on the spider web and clover are tack sharp. This could easily go twice this size I think. Too bad my printer won’t handle that. LOL This is one of those photos that the larger you go the better it looks.

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~ by Dan Jurak on June 29, 2012.

10 Responses to “Spider webs and clover in the morning dew… magical”

  1. Dan, this is beautiful–almost mystical!

  2. I agree Dan, and maybe pass you by on that road.

  3. OK, last year’s shot of the hay bales was my favorite to date, but I think this outdid them. Probably because I shoot a lot of early morning spider webs, so it really resonates with me. This is fantastic! It doesn’t evoke the same memories as the haying photos, but it’s pretty darn cool!

  4. Beautiful and mystical! No doubt, that 19 x 22 must be gorgeous on a wall! Have a super week-end! :)

  5. Hi Dan, love this photo. Been following you for a while now. I am not a big fan of HDR technique but as you said it is the same with using ND filters. I dont use filters either except for polarizers when shooting waterfalls. But your HDR is different it does not look like one.
    Very cool man keep up the good work and being inspiration to others.

  6. @ Rontuaru, funny you should mention that photo. It was THIS close to being the cover of an annual report for a multinational corporation but close only counts in horseshoes. LOL

  7. Thank you Anne. Have a safe and enjoyable Canada Day weekend.

  8. @ Abe, I think that there are way more HDRs out there that nobody suspects only because they are not over processed. Having all that extra image information that can’t always be captured in a single exposure helps in capturing a more realistic scene.

    Thank you for commenting and visiting

  9. I’m a sucker for spider webs – although having just moved to Australia, I am staying clear of them for now!

  10. @ Mike, Yeah, our spiders in Canada are for the most part pretty harmless. Not like the ones down under.

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