Yippee!!! Summer’s here!

Yesterday was officially the first full day of summer. It finally felt like summer was here. The skies have been producing great clouds. It’s rained lots. It’s warming up and we’re getting into a cycle of clear mornings and cloudy/stormy evenings.

The best thing about yesterday was the morning fog. I love fog. I can’t get enough of the stuff. Fog has the ability to both hide and reveal. It diffuses light. Fog can completely change the look of the land.

We’ve had fog forecast a few times this year and every time I went out to shoot it, it was nowhere to be found. This time I found it.

I set the alarm for 3:45 a.m. That gave me enough time to brew a pot of coffee, gather my waterproof pants and boots and be somewhere in the countryside at least a half an hour before sunrise. Sunrise was just after 5:00 a.m.

My regular spot just outside of town will usually be fog covered when other areas aren’t. Sure enough as I left town I could see pockets of it laying in the hollows of the fields. Hoping that it might get thicker the farther I got away from town, (it’s usually a few degrees colder and hence heavier fog), I kept driving. The fog was still patchy half an hour out of town and the sun was getting closer to the horizon so I swung the Rav around and headed to a place that I’ve visited many times before.

As I pulled down into the valley, I could see a thick wall of fog hanging over the small river that flowed through it. I grabbed my camera and tripod and headed into the whiteness. The funny thing about fog is that sometimes it comes and goes in waves. That’s what it was like this morning. The leaves and trees were still but somehow the fog was being carried through the valley.

I wandered around the tall grasses and river bank shooting in all directions. I’d see something interesting, walk over there, shoot some more and see something else ahead that interested me. It went like that for forty five minutes or so until the sun was too high for my liking. The fog was still there but because there was no cloud cover the skies above the fog weren’t very photogenic.

The shot above is one of a half a dozen different ones that I liked and kept on the computer. All the rest were edited in camera or deleted from the computer. It is an HDR and no filters were used to enhance the colors or darken the sky. I don’t need them and I still have a set of very nice high quality Lee graduated neutral density and graduated color filters if you’re interested in buying them from me. LOL I might even throw in a one on one photo seminar on how to effectively use them. ;)

Happy shooting,


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~ by Dan Jurak on June 22, 2012.

8 Responses to “Yippee!!! Summer’s here!”

  1. Another very nice image. You have a pretty good HDR workflow and know how to capture the series of images. Again, well done!

  2. An awesome photo. I am just learning and last night went out to find the right time in the evening to shoot. I found that a lot of shadows interfered with my shots. But I took a lot of pics so by the time the evening had progressed, and a storm was coming, I had a camera full. It is fun trying to improve what I have taken with IPhoto. Photoshop is probably better, but I will have to wait on that for a while.

    BTW, thanks for sharing from experience. I have enjoyed many works of art you posted. Keep up the great work.

  3. @ Monte, thank you. There’s no secrets to what I do. I encourage questions if someone’s not clear on how I do something in camera or post processing.

  4. @ Drew, A big part of the fun is just getting out and discovering your surroundings. Some days, it seems like the photos are just icing on the cake.

    iPhoto is a little more limiting than Photoshop. The upside is that it forces you to do more in camera. That’s never a bad thing.

  5. Nice image and I’ll sign up for your workshop ;) I enjoyed your previous post about shooting near home, couldn’t agree more. Thx.

  6. @ Eric, I’m always ready to help photographers out however I can. If I honestly thought that workshops were of any value, I’d be the first to offer them. If you’re a photographer don’t you earn the majority of your income from taking photos and not from offering that kind of thing? Just my two cents. LOL

  7. Ha, thanks Dan. I know your take on workshops and I feel the same way. I love reading your blog and viewing your work. Thanks for sharing!

  8. A great viewpoint, and the colour of the sky through the fog is wonderful.

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