What the eye doesn’t see and thank you Nikon Canada :)

It’s been too long since my last post.

I haven’t been doing any shooting. That’s not because I’ve lost interest. It has more to do with the unsuitable, ie, boring weather we’ve been having lately. We’re in the middle of some serious gloomy and wet stuff which should make things perfect in a few days.  Ah, the joys of being at the mercy of mother nature. Shooting in the studio was always so much easier. I had more control over light, etc. but landscapes bring me more satisfaction.

On the business side, I’ve been approached by a couple of multinationals in the energy sector here in Alberta to document their land reclamations. I’d normally turn something like this down but I’m being given complete creative freedom over how I shoot things. It just goes to show you that you don’t need to photograph national parks to get noticed. It was my photos taken only minutes from Edmonton that led to me being considered for the jobs.

A few years ago, I had a digital slr converted to shoot infrared and every year I ponder selling it because I hardly use the thing. It also seems that every year at just about this time I drag it out once things green up. So, off I headed in the middle of the afternoon today with just the infrared camera to see what I could see.

The lovely thing about shooting IR is that you can’t always accurately predict the results. I do know that foliage goes light. Almost everything else goes dark. Mid day is the best time to be taking photos with this camera. The flatter the light, the better.

We’ve got some great weather forecast for the next week and I’m anxious to be up before the sun driving the back roads to see what mother nature has in store for me.

Thanks to Amanda from Nikon Canada. I’ve learned a lot over the past few months about how Nikon Canada treats it’s pro customers. Was that sarcasm? LOL

Happy shooting,Dan

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~ by Dan Jurak on June 9, 2012.

11 Responses to “What the eye doesn’t see and thank you Nikon Canada :)”

  1. Reblogged this on Conceptual Art.

  2. Beautiful emotionally layered shot.

  3. Your image above takes me back to shooting IR in the olden days, on my Nikon FE in college. It’s very striking… inspires me to take one of my older DSLRs and converting it–as you said, the element of surprise is a lot of fun and the effect is much more subtle than anything created in post.

  4. @1107, I have often thought about converting one of my high end DSLRs to infrared. The one that I have is an old Canon Rebel. I wonder how much better the image would be with newer sensor technology?

    Thank you for visiting and commenting,

  5. @ Elizabeth, thank you.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting,

  6. wow! Dan, that is pretty amazing. I thought of converting my old D80, but never did. I could use it to shoot in the middle of the day, I do good pictures. :)

  7. Hi, Dan –

    Nice to hear from you again – I thought maybe you were traveling, or just sleeping in!

    It was nice to be presented with an infrared shot from you this time. A converted infrared camera was on my “someday” list, until I stumbled across a deal too good to pass up. These days it’s my main camera, often paired with a Holga lens. One of my favorite things about photography is the way it does NOT “tell the truth” in a literal way, and infrared can really shake up your eye that way. As you say, you never know for sure exactly what you are going to get; it’s fun to re-learn old subjects in a new light.
    The link below shows six of my infrared/holga shots:


    I see from the next post that the weather has been crummy, but feel free to share some favorites from the past if you don’t come up with anything from recent outings (or non-outings). Some of us like to hear from you any old time.

    – Marke

  8. @ Marke, Very nice Holga IRs. Photography is more about creativity than documentary, at least for us it seems.

    The more often I shoot, the more often I’ll post and it looks like things will be favorable for shooting very quickly.

    Thank you for the kind words and for visiting and commenting,

  9. @ Anne, if you have a spare digital camera gathering dust, I couldn’t think of a better use for it. Infrared is lots and lots of fun. :)

  10. not sure if your comment on Nikon’s customer service is serious or sarcastic? :)

  11. @ Steve, it wasn’t directed to customer service. Nikon Canada promised me something a few months back and never carried through with it. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL person I was communicating with.

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