Too drab to shoot outdoors… go inside

Yesterday, I wrote about the long stretch of poor weather and light that we’ve had around central Alberta for the last few weeks. Not very good for shooting landscapes.

Shortly after I posted that I grabbed my old studio lights and hauled them upstairs to photograph Cooper. I brought up a small soft box and another light with a reflector that I used for the background. On that, I covered it with a sheet of white translucent plastic to diffuse and darken it.

Coop was a little suspicious until my daughter showed him a handful of carrots. He was still freaking out when the flashes popped. A handful of roast chicken got him more focused. LOL

The whole thing from beginning to end took less than five minutes. I learned years ago that when shooting kids or animals, THEY dictate the pace you shoot. Attention spans are very short and once they get cranky the shot is lost.

It’s not landscapes but it is photography.

Happy shooting,


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~ by Dan Jurak on January 22, 2012.

13 Responses to “Too drab to shoot outdoors… go inside”

  1. Love the expression, Dan! I wonder if he looks at carrots or chicken? lol Great shot!

  2. What a beautiful dog! He looks like he has a *lot* of energy.

  3. Cooper is absolutely gorgeous! (pardon if he is offended by “girly terms of endearment”) :P

    Plus, he is mighty adorable! His expression seems to be many at once. Calm yet extremely playful, even, detective like!

    Thanks for sharing him with us again!

  4. What exceptional lighting on this gorgeous looking dog. The expression is priceless. Your photography skills expand far beyond landscapes. This is a keeper.

  5. Love this. What a beautiful dog and a beautiful photo.

  6. @ Makena, thank you. Coop is a real character in our house. His upper lips are very floppy and at times a lip will get curled up without him knowing it adding lots of comical expression to him.
    Thank you again for visiting and commenting.

  7. @ Heather, Coop really is a keeper. He gets me out of the house everyday, which at my age is not a bad thing. LOL

    Thank you for visiting,

  8. @Paula, Thank you, Coop’s pics will only get better from here on in. Once he gets used to the flashes popping and settles down. Right now he’s brimming to the max with puppy energy.

    Thank you for visiting,

  9. I can just see him now! & a character is right. Maybe one day that expression may be captured permanently, what a sight!

  10. Beautiful dog. I know what you mean about photographing animals. I have to catch my cats unaware or the moment is gone.

  11. Dan this is just awesome! A beautiful subject, beautifully lit.

    Although this is B&W and a dog, I’m reminded of another photographer who is doing staged portraits which resemble the portraits of the old masters oil paintings. It’s fascinating to read about his lighting set ups even though I don’t even own any studio lights or have much desire to; it’s just an aspect of photography I know little about.

  12. @ Roberta, LTNS, there’s no secret to lighting. Move the lights. Look. Move again.
    Lotsa snow around Rocky?

  13. Yeah, sure….you make everything sound “just that easy”! Snow isn’t too bad. We had a ton before Christmas but a lot of it melted. We’re still white though.

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