A cold November morning…

I had forgotten this morning when I awoke that during the middle of the night we had switched back to Mountain Standard Time from Daylight Savings. No matter, it’s Sunday morning and the sun was still an hour and a half from rising no matter how we read the clock.

The past few days hadn’t been great for photos around Edmonton so I never bothered to make it outdoors with the camera.

This morning didn’t look great. There were a few faint clouds in the early morning sky keeping some of the stars from view. I only know this because the dog decided that he was more interested in sniffing the frozen ground when I let him out, all the while shivering on the deck in my housecoat in -9 Celsius temperatures.

After a couple of cups of coffee I decided to get out just for the heck of it and see what there was to be had.

I had driven for about twenty minutes, when I came upon a cow moose standing in the middle of the road. It hurriedly walked, not jumped over a three strand barbed wire fence into the middle of a pasture. It kept on walking until I put the Toyota in gear and headed on. Then it must have decided it was okay to relax. I hadn’t gone fifty meters when from the opposite of the road a moose calf sprung out of the ditch and proceeded to almost run straight down the road. I followed slowly not wanting to scare it or separate it from it’s mom. After a few moments it veered back from the direction that it came, opposite it’s mother.

I continued on wondering how long it would take for mom and calf to get together again. I hadn’t gone a minute when I came upon a familiar slough. It was frozen or so it looked. Normally I wouldn’t walk down there in the summer or spring because it’s wet and the shoreline would be muddy. This morning it looked frozen, covered with frost. As the sun was twenty minutes from rising, I grabbed my camera and tripod and made my way across the ditch and onto the frozen shore. As it turned out the shallow marsh was frozen solid. I was careful at first, listening for cracks as I walked on the edge of the frozen water. No cracking sounds. The ice was frozen to the bottom.

As I walked along the marsh looking for good angles, interesting foregrounds and skies, I realized how cold it really was. Ice was forming on my beard from my breathing. It was cold but not so cold that my fingers were hurting from not wearing gloves.

Twenty minutes of shooting until the sun came up and my little marsh stopped looking interesting.

The first of many cold mornings to come and it will only get better once the snow flies.

Happy shooting,


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~ by Dan Jurak on November 6, 2011.

3 Responses to “A cold November morning…”

  1. great composition of the photo! Love the 3 levels of depth :)
    Looking forward to seeing some photos when the snow starts flying!

  2. @ Daniel, I too look forward to the snow. Just like in Norway, we get so much winter that we should enjoy it as much as we can. :)

  3. @ Dan. it’s a pity you can’t “reply” to comments in your layout.

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