Thanksgiving weekend in Canada…

For all those who read this from outside of Canada, this weekend is a long one for us celebrating Thanksgiving. It might seem appropriate to be showing a crop of barley ready to be harvested before Thanksgiving but it’s purely accidental. I don’t usually plan things that well. There are some things that you can plan and some things not.

What I don’t usually plan is where exactly I am going to take photos. It’s too limiting. Back in the day when I was shooting fashion I learned very quickly to throw any preconceived notions of how you were going to photograph someone until you actually get to talk with them and see them in person. The landscape like people is so variable and unpredictable that to say “I am going to shoot this, this way”, is to limit yourself.

Creativity isn’t something that can be planned or put in a bottle. It’s a fluid thing. It’s about seeing, visualizing and reacting. For me that is what has always worked. Even when at work designing, I only have a rough idea as to how I am going to design a page. It’s when the art and copy come together on the page that I can start to see the beginnings of something and then follow my instincts.

How many mornings there have been when I have driven out of town not knowing what I am going to photograph and not worrying about coming home with a photo that I like. Some how, some way, inspiration strikes and voila, there’s the picture.

You might be different. I worked with a designer years ago who could literally in minutes come up with thumbnail sketches of a concept and layout from thin air. That’s how his mind worked. Mine most definitely doesn’t. The only RIGHT way to create is the way that works for you.

No photo plans for the weekend but then again, that doesn’t guarantee that I won’t be up before dawn on Saturday morning following clouds in the country.

Have a great and safe Thanksgiving weekend,


ps. A little technical stuff. This photo was taken about fifteen minutes before sunrise. If you look closely at the horizon you’ll see a fine band of magenta or pink color separating the horizon from the sky. This time really is one of the best for betting delicate pastelish colors. I doubt that pastelish is a word. LOL Who cares?

This is a five shot HDR of which I only used three of the exposures. My concern was getting detail in the crop which was severely underexposed on the frame that had the correct exposure for the sky. A little color correction was done separately on the barley as it displayed as cyan or bluish.

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~ by Dan Jurak on October 7, 2011.

4 Responses to “Thanksgiving weekend in Canada…”

  1. Dan, I’ve really come to realize how important it is to do color adjustments separately for the foreground and sky. I’ve found that, when I’m doing HDR landscape photos like this, even some subtle white balance adjustments for each make all the difference in the world.

  2. @ Rick, I am finding that at least half of my photos are having above and below the horizon done separately and then copied and pasted one onto the other.

  3. Hi Dan, would it possible to get permision to include the barley photograph in a presentation?

  4. @ Boris, I sent a reply to your email.

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