Some days things just don’t go as you planned…

Off for three weeks and the first two days back we have foggy mornings. I love foggy mornings for shooting. So on Monday and Tuesday, I managed to get in an hour and a half or so before heading off to work.

Yesterday, Tuesday a thick fog descended upon the outskirts of Edmonton about half an hour before sunrise so off I went hopeful that I could find something to shoot. I shot and shot and shot and shot. I doubt that anyone will ever see anything from Tuesday morning. I’ve had this happen to me before. If the fog is thick and there is cloud cover on the horizon during the sunrise the result looks much the same as shooting on a gray and overcast day. White skies are the result. Borrrrrrring.

Having nothing to post from Tuesday’s shoot, I went back to Monday where the fare was only slightly better.

The photo above was a real problem and if things had gone better on Tuesday, I doubt that I would have revisited this photo.

It had a serious color problem. The photo was taken about twenty or twenty five minutes before sunrise. At that time there is very little color in the skies. What little there is photographs as an electric blue, a really, really bright blue.

Try as I might I couldn’t get the color to look natural. Whatever I did seemed to enhance the reds and magentas in the left part of the sky. I liked the shapes in the photo but not the colors as they were.

When I process my landscapes, my preference is for them to have a realistic look, dramatic but not overly dramatic where it’s obvious that the photo has been manipulated severely. I hoped that by finding a picture with suitable colors that I could use the color matching feature in Photoshop and get a more realistic and moody photo. After trying a couple of dozen different source photos for color I came across one that had the colors of a faded polaroid. Voila!

The result isn’t something that I would normally strive for but in a way I find it appealing. Tomorrow I will have probably changed my mind. LOL

Some days things just don’t go as you plan. Is that such a bad thing?

Happy shooting,


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~ by Dan Jurak on October 5, 2011.

6 Responses to “Some days things just don’t go as you planned…”

  1. Interesting post. We RARELY get fog here in New Mexico, USA but today we have a VERY thick fog descending on us and it seems to be sticking around. Hopefully I can snap a few shots tonight before sunset and possibly if its still around, tomorrow before sunrise.
    Keep up the awesome work and thanks for sharing with us all!

  2. @ Rob Gonzalez, we don’t get fog here very often in Alberta either. Depending upon how thick the fog is wide angle lenses usually aren’t the best when the weather is socked in. I’ve found that using a short telephoto to flatten the landscape better emphasizes the layers of detail that the fog reveal/hide.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting and good luck.


  3. Love the colours and the fog. Actually I think it might have worked better without the foreground elements. I like interest in the foreground in landscape shots but I feel it could have looked great with just the fog stretching out.

  4. @ Rifqi, I KNOW it would have worked better without the much of the foreground. The thing is, I’m not in the studio where I can move things around. The whole river bank was covered with almost chest high brush. This is a salvage job at best. Not one of my better photos. But some days things just don’t go as you plan.

  5. I like it a lot. It has a wonderful ethereal feeling to it and to me, the colors look natural. I also don’t like obvious HDR’s. The one thing that bothers me a little is the small tree sticking out in the centre. Maybe you should carry around a small axe along with your gear, Dan? Just kidding.

  6. @ Peggy normally a branch like that wouldn’t be a problem but my chainsaw was in the shop being repaired. :) If I was really fond of this photo I would have probably cloned out all the stuff that I didn’t like but the truth is that I usually don’t spend more than three or four minutes processing my images. There is always something else that I want to do that seems more important at the time. The photo that holds my interest the most is the one that I am about to take.


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