Chip Phillips… landscape photographer

The name Chip Phillips is probably familiar to anyone who has visited Flickr, the photo sharing website.

I remember seeing these brilliantly colored landscapes a few years ago and clicking on them to see who had taken them. It was, I was to find out a very talented photographer from Spokane, Washington named Chip Phillips.

Chip is more than a visual artist he is also a professional musician. I have often thought that there was a deep connection between music and the visual arts. The two are similar in many ways. They can both evoke a mood or feeling. They can also transport you away from where you are to a more pleasant place and time. That’s something that Chip’s photographs do so very well.

I’ve only included photos of Alberta in this post. This is but a small sampling of Chip’s excellent body of work.

A few days ago I wrote about choosing between a few thousand mediocre photos taken all times of the day or choosing smaller number but of much higher quality. Visit Chip’s website and see the results. Each and every photograph is a work of art unto itself. All different. All filled with emotion, light and feeling. All powerful and evocative. Editing is a skill lost on so many photographers in a rush to show everything they shoot. Chip’s website is tightly edited. The result. Stunning!

Some will argue that you can shoot landscapes during all hours of the day. These landscapes make an argument against that.

The low light adds power and drama to the scenes. That isn’t possible shooting during the middle of the day.

Weather also plays an important part of Chip’s images. Freshly fallen snow, dark storm clouds, foggy mornings are all part of this artist palette.

Take a moment and visit Chips’s website, or his Flickr photostream and be taken away to beautiful and faraway places in your mind.

Happy shooting,


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~ by Dan Jurak on February 24, 2011.

5 Responses to “Chip Phillips… landscape photographer”

  1. Thank you for introducing another inspiring photographer.

  2. His work is truly inspiring. He’s also a part of Nature Photographers Network at

  3. Dan,

    Please don’t get me started…What about featuring Ansel Adams?

  4. Chip is an amazing photographer!

  5. @ Leslie, I doubt that I could get permission from the executors of Adams estate to post their pics. Besides, I much prefer contemporary photographers.


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