Yes, you can go home

Jasper in January

This past weekend was one of the best I have ever had.

Ages ago, when I was shooting landscapes, the trips to Jasper were so frequent that it at times seemed more like home then well, home. The old Econoline and I put on many, many miles together. The purpose was always to hike into the backcountry, drag the little wooden 4×5 and shoot film. It was always rewarding. Jasper is such a beautiful place. I am always meeting people from around the world remarking on how special it is.

The weather was not what I had hoped it to be for photography. Generally, blue skies are borrrrrring but the forecast was for mild temperatures and most importantly, my two girls wanted to come along.

The weekend that started as a shooting weekend ended up being memorable not for the photos of which there were many but for the memories. Reminiscing with my daughters about all the places in the park to see. The stories, like the fellow who was pulled out of his tent at the icefields campground by a bear looking for candy he and his buddies had stashed in the tent the evening before and on and on. There were plenty of giggles to last a lifetime.

This past weekend proved that sometimes, you can go home. That some things don’t change regardless of the passage of time. Photography for me is full of memories. Photography isn’t my life but it has enriched my life. I have so many photos to process and send away from the past two days of shooting but the photos I will cherish the most are the ones of my girls and I. Memories to last a lifetime.

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~ by Dan Jurak on January 18, 2009.

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